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Still a Family, by Brenda Reeves Sturgis, illustrated by Jo-Shin Lee

Please click HERE for access to lesson plans for Still a Family, created for the British Council Resources by Dr. Tatia Gruenbaum PhD in Applied Linquistics and Gail Ellis co-founders of PEPELT.

Lesson Plans for Still a Family


I’m a native Maine writer, who lives on a lovely little lake where I can listen to loons hoot, and watch moose meander. I began my writing career in 2004, after attending a school visit at Baldwin Consolidated School in West Baldwin ME. I have four children and seven grandchildren. I am married to Gary, my husband of 21 years.

I am available to present at libraries, birthday parties, and school visits.  Find out more


The Lake Where Loon Lives
10 Turkeys in the Road
Touch Down!
No Fun in the Sun for Santa
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