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School & Library Visits

Brenda Reeves Sturgis
Still a Family
10 Turkeys in the Road
The Lake Where Loon Lives

All sessions include a Q&A period and book signing.

Screech, Beep, Gobble —preschool

Preschoolers will love learning hand motions to go along with my reading of 10 Turkeys in the Road. After a first reading to familiarize them with the story, they’ll join me in acting it out with their newly learned motions. They’ll also participate in a puppet skit and flannel board presentation as we discuss and re-enact different parts of the story.  
Total time: 1 hour.

Turkey Time —for kindergartners and 1st graders

After reading 10 Turkeys in the Road to the group, the children and their teachers will get to join in the fun as we perform a play with props, a turkey caller, and a ton of imagination! Afterward, I’ll discuss the process of how books are created.
Total time: 45 minutes.

Let’s Talk Turkey—for 2nd and 3rd graders

In this session, children will get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring a book to publication. After an initial reading of 10 Turkeys in the Road, I’ll talk about the idea stage of a book, how to create a rough draft and thumbnail sketches, and the all-important revision process. We’ll also discuss what happens at a publishing house and how an author and editor work together to bring a story to life and a concept to reality.
Total time: 45 minutes.

Sublime Rhyme—for 4th and 5th graders

I’ll use 10 Turkeys in the Road to discuss picture book elements, such as rhyme (internal, forced, and near); the literary techniques of onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, and others that transform writing from dull to delightful; and the development of a story’s beginning, middle, and end. As a group we’ll create different ways to end the story and change some stanzas along the way to illustrate the use of conflict, character development, and plot structure.
Total time: 45 minutes.


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